Tnt Skateboards

Ten years ago our kids were charging into their teens. At the time, out here on the Big Island, we were at the tail end of the supply stream for commercial Skateboards and so got mostly junk.

Dean, the brains of the operation, and the guy with serious roots in the skateboard world (he grew up in Malibu in the 70’s) asked me, Dave, the guy with wood experience and some skate time in the late sixties and early 70’s, if I could come up with decks.

I did, going with what our local kids were looking for in a ride. The thing just took off from there. We started with the exotic wood bottoms in a 45 inch downhill board, then Dean, a gifted artist, took to painting blank decks. Pretty soon we had requests for different designs and lengths and it truly got out of hand. The Tnt name came from Dean, an idea he’d had for a long time. He also brings the expertise on hardware. We’ve been asked to do just about everything and some ideas have stuck. Our version of the infamous eight wheeler, we call it the “Typhoon”, came from a “can you do this” phone call from somewhere in the Midwest. What you see represented on the site is the best of what we build stock.

We can do custom designs on request and Dean goes off with the artwork; just give him three colors and a good idea. Each of our board is made by hand as an individual piece, no two are just alike, so if you like hanging with the herd you might as well move on. Otherwise check it out and let us know what you are interested in. Enjoy, Dave and Dean.

Our long board decks are designed for downhill skating. The boards have a curved laminated deck with a recurved kick tail. They are hand layed up into a fifteen ply laminate with a final thickness of 9/16and a length of 37or 45. The last layer on the bottom of the 45 board is either a hardwood multi striped pattern or an airbrush design. The 37 board is only offered with an airbrush design. We offer the boards in two basic shapes, a diamond tail or a pin tail.

There are also two choices of hardwood bottoms and stripe designs. The wood bottoms have at least four different types of wood in them. Since each board is individually laid out by hand no two hardwood bottoms are created the same. Many different designs can be created with the airbrush. We use a variety of aloha print patterns (flowers), an abstract graphic, or your design theme.

We offer the boards as bare decks without hardware, or as complete skateboards. As a complete the skate will include a deck, shockpads, risers, trucks, bearings, and wheels and grip tape. These are installed carefully and precisely to insure top performance while riding.

Also available: Koa TROPHY Boards! Made to the same exacting Tnt specs- these boards have a bottom laminated of book- matched Hawaiian Koa, with exotic hardwood stringers. Available with or without a wall mount rack. Please email for details.